Pollution Prevention

Pollution Prevention Starts with YOU

You are located within the Mill Creek watershed, home to the endangered species, the Nashville Crayfish.

Non-point source pollutants enter the streams through runoff from rain.  These pollutants reflect the way we live and can be eliminated by your help!  It’s easy!

Oil/Grease/Antifreeze – Please do not pour grease down the drain.  Dispose of cooking grease by cooling and putting it in the trash.  If you work on your car at home, the only proper method of disposal for used motor oil, oil filters, or antifreeze is to recycle it at a used oil and antifreeze collection site. 

Car Washing– Wash water is full of chemicals.  If you plan on washing your car at home, do so over grass.  This allows for infiltration and gives the soils a chance to reduce the pollution before entering the streams. 

Pet Waste – Believe it or not, pet waste is a large contributor of pathogens in streams.  Pick up after your pet, scoop your poop!

Yard Waste – Leaves, grass and yard debris being disposed into a ditch or stream actually fills the system with an unnatural loading of organic material.  Instead, compost your yard waste or bag and dispose with Metro’s brush collection.  Call 615-862-8750 for more information about Metro's brush collection service.

Pesticides/Fertilizer – Over fertilizing your yard enables nutrient overloading in streams, which causes algae to take over.  Follow the directions and only add pesticides or fertilizers when rain is not in the near future. Test your soil to determine what nutrients your garden and yard need, contact your local University of Tennessee Extension Office or online at http://soilplantandpest.utk.edu/soil/index.htm.

Trash – It is truly amazing to see how many plastic bottles end up in our streams!  Please dispose of all trash properly and recycle! 

Thank you for recognizing the importance of our streams as a valuable natural resource and for your help in the protection and improvement of the streams within the Mill Creek Watershed.

Call 615-313-PURE to report any water quality issue to Metro Water Services