Please join the cause and help improve the water quality and natural beauty of the Mill Creek watershed! The Mill Creek watershed includes all or part of the communities of Donelson, Woodbine, Glencliff, Antioch, Brentwood, Nolensville, and everywhere in between.

This includes YOU: the residents, students, parents, teachers, farmers, builders, citizens, businesses, government officials, and agency representatives - anyone that  lives, works, or plays in the Mill Creek watershed.

Mill Creek Watershed Association now seeking Director!

GET INVOLVED! Check out our calendar and sign up for upcoming volunteer projects, meetings, and events. 

Map of the Mill Creek Watershed

YOU CAN JOIN US in a variety of ways:

  • Participate in stream clean ups, tree plantings, and rain garden plantings;
  • Attend strategic development meetings to offer your ideas to improve our communities and the Mill Creek watershed;
  • Teach children the value of clean water to our way of life;
  • Spread the word by recruiting others to clean our waterways and help keep pollutants out of Mill Creek and its tributaries.

The Mill Creek Watershed Association is currently seeking a Director to lead the watershed association while working closely with the Cumberland River Compact. Click here to view the position description and apply!

The Nashville crayfish (Orconectes shoupi) remains the signature species for the Mill Creek watershed, the only place in the world where this species resides. The Nashville Crayfish is listed as an endangered species by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  Its preferred habitat includes free-flowing waters dominated by large slab rocks atop a bedrock substrate.  The crayfish is present in main stem Mill Creek and numerous tributaries of various sizes, and in certain areas is the most abundant crayfish species.  But that apparently broad distribution within the Mill Creek system does not imply security, as a single catastrophic event could result in the loss of thousands of individuals from Mill Creek or its larger tributaries. The Nashville Crayfish remains an integral and vibrant part of the ecology of the Mill Creek watershed.

 Get involved!  Be active!  Be proud of your watershed!


Acknowledgements: Special thanks to the Tennessee Department of Agriculture Division of Forestry for providing funding and support for the Mill Creek Watershed Association. 


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